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Flashcard Stand


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Elevate your classroom or learning space with our exquisite Indigenous art wood Flashcard Stand, meticulously hand-painted with authentic Indigenous artwork. Crafted to blend educational functionality with cultural enrichment, this stand offers a captivating platform to showcase and organise flashcards. This stand seamlessly blends the practicality of flashcards with the creativity of Indigenous artwork. Designed to hold and display flashcards in an organised manner, this stand becomes a hub of interactive learning. Great for learning provocations, desks and learning stations. Specifications
  • Wooden
  • Hand painted with acrylic paints
  • Varnished for durability
  • Approx. 3-4cm height, 6-8cm length
  • Colours and pattern chosen at random
  Artists Hand painted by emerging Mara and Garawa artists, Lily(8) and Jasper(5) Brown. The pieces are Lily and Jasper’s debut artworks and products for Songlines. Lily and Jasper have developed their artistic skills alongside their Father, Russell Yilamara Brown, Songline’s Principal Artist and Co-Founder. Lily and Jasper are developing their own unique style whilst learning techniques and stories from their family. 100% profits from all Flashcard Stands go directly back into Lily and Jasper’s entrepreneur fund.

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