About us


Our Why

We are a dedicated family business that combines a lifetime of cultural knowledge and talent with our team’s extensive experience and training to provide trusted advice, quality resources and professional services.

Our vision is to create a world where First Nations culture is valued, respected and deeply embedded within education for all, and where Indigenous people have the opportunity to share and preserve their cultural traditions with future generations.

Our aim is to contribute to creating an education system where our children are empowered, have their culture reflected and respected and First Nations knowledges and culture are embedded throughout their learning journey.

We support First Nations artists and businesses throughout our supply chain, ensuring funds are going back into Indigenous communities whilst fostering social and economic empowerment.

Our People


Russell Brown

Co-Founder and Principal Artist

Russell Brown is a proud Garawa and Mara man hailing from the Roper River area of the Northern Territory. As a passionate advocate for the self-determination of Indigenous peoples and the preservation of cultural integrity, Russell’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in his connection to his Country and his respect for ancestral wisdom.

Drawing upon the knowledge and skills imparted to him by his Elders, Russell creates artworks that authentically represent his cultural heritage and his profound relationship with the land.

His artistic style beautifully blends traditional elements with contemporary interpretations, offering a unique perspective that resonates with diverse audiences.



Cultural Artwork Commissions

Invite Russell Brown to create custom artworks that authentically reflect the cultural heritage and stories of your community or organization. His unique blend of traditional elements and contemporary interpretations ensures that each piece is a powerful representation of cultural integrity and connection to Country. 

Bring Russell’s passion and knowledge to your community or educational institution through immersive art workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about Indigenous art techniques, cultural significance, and the importance of preserving cultural integrity.  

Russell can provide consultation services that play a crucial role in helping educational institutions and organisations integrate Indigenous perspectives into their programs while fostering culturally safe environments within organisations. Russell’s approach is rooted in his Indigenous culture, and his consultation services aim to create environments that not only integrate Indigenous perspectives authentically but also contribute to the broader goal of reconciliation and cultural understanding.

Clare Schoeller

Co-Founder and Educator

Clare is a dedicated and passionate educator and leader who has committed her career to working in remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory (NT). With over 12 years of firsthand experience living and working in Indigenous communities, Clare brings a deep understanding and cultural sensitivity to her educational endeavours. She holds a Ba. Education and an MBA (Ed. Leadership).

Clare’s journey in education has been marked by a series of progressive roles, reflecting her expertise and commitment to making a difference. She has served as a Teacher, Senior Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal, showcasing her versatile skill set and ability to lead teams effectively.

Clare’s unwavering dedication, extensive experience in remote Indigenous communities, and comprehensive skill set make her a trusted educator and leader. Her commitment to fostering culturally safe environments, promoting Indigenous perspectives, and empowering individuals through education.



Clare offers consulting services to assist organisations in becoming culturally safe environments. She specialises in embedding Indigenous perspectives and acknowledgement into organisations, creating inclusive educational pathways, fostering careers, ESL (English as a Second Language) instruction, and facilitating community and stakeholder engagement.

Clare provides comprehensive adult education and training programs that focus on enhancing work readiness, improving literacy and numeracy skills, and fostering computer proficiency. Her expertise in this area ensures that learners acquire the necessary skills to thrive in the workforce.

Recognising the importance of incorporating Indigenous perspectives into education, Clare develops resources that promote cultural diversity and inclusivity. These resources are designed to enrich curricula and provide students with a broader understanding of Indigenous cultures and histories.

Clare offers graphic design services that incorporate Indigenous artwork into organisational branding. By leveraging her knowledge of Indigenous art and culture, she creates visually engaging designs that celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity.

Our Artists

Leah Brown

Leah Brown is a proud Garawa and Mara woman from the Roper River area of the Northern Territory, she currently lives on Dunghutti Country, NSW. Leah is skilled in painting, digital artwork and design and is passionate about using her talents to educate and share her culture.

Leah has completed a Certificate IV in Graphic Design and has illustrated a children’s book series.

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the people of the Bundjalung Nation, the Traditional Custodians of the beautiful land and waterways on which we live and work.

Always was. Always will be Aboriginal land.