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Stickers | Merit | Children Growing Strong


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This item: Stickers | Merit | Children Growing Strong

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Celebrate achievements and recognise excellence with our Indigenous Merit Stickers. Designed for teachers and educators, these stickers feature captivating Indigenous designs that honour and inspire. Each sticker serves as a token of recognition, acknowledging the exceptional efforts and accomplishments of students. Stick them on assignments, tests, or reward charts to foster a positive learning environment rooted in cultural appreciation. Empower students with a sense of pride and motivate them to reach new heights. With our Indigenous Merit Stickers, every success becomes a celebration of diverse talents and cultural richness. Specifications:
  • 120 stickers
  • 3cm diameter
Artist Leah Cummins is a proud Mayi woman from North Western Queensland. Mayi-Kulan from her Father and Kalkadoon from her Mother. She paints stories of strength for women and children, love of the land and all of her people. Leah is passionate about sharing her love of art and the interpretation of empowerment of her people. She shares her art with love and harmony. DesignA heartfelt piece, inspired by the journey of children in education.

This art piece is dedicated to the education journey of children, depicting their path towards a bright future. The artwork pays homage to the land and environment that provide tranquillity for reflection. The community plays a vital role in guiding our children to grow and become strong, similar to how seeds flourish into healthy plant ecosystems. With love and harmony, this piece is shared to inspire all.” – Leah Cummins

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