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Connections Lanyard

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A premium First Nations art lanyard made with cotton canvas, finished with a natural leather trim, a heavy-duty metal lobster clasp and a safety release clip. The perfect accessory for any educator, nurse, teacher or professional wanting wearable Indigenous art.

The canvas fabric can be hand washed in warm soapy water, whilst being careful to avoid the leather and metal clasp.


Russell Yilamara Brown is a proud Garawa and Mara man from South-East Arnhem Land, NT. Russell currently lives and works on Bundjalung Country, NSW.  He is a skilled painter, sculptor and digital artist that has refined his traditional style and has developed a contemporary representation.


This design represents my journey through life so far, on this journey I have added to my knowledge about my culture, heritage, and my family’s history. It depicts the connections between the cultural knowledge I have been taught by family members along my journey.

The sun rays rainbow reaches out over country and touches all of my family and people. The rivers and waterholes sustain all life, with many across Country being special and sacred places. Yilamara is the stem of a wild orchid, its flower is close to the rays to gain energy and power to continue my journey of connecting and learning.


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Length: 48cm

Leather Trim: Tan

Safety release: Black

Metal clasp: Silver



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1 review for Connections Lanyard

  1. Jen F. (verified owner)

    Bright beautiful and functional. Arrived quickly. Very happy with my purchase

    • Russell (store manager)

      Thanks so much Jen, we love being able to bring you beautiful Indigenous resources!

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